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Our Wish Kid Jennifer

A major aspect of BioTrust's mission is to work with top-rated charities by donating a significant portion of every dollar we earn to help supply nutritious food, clean water, and improved medical services to families in need, both domestically and abroad.

It's good folks like you who encourage us and help us realize this goal. These charitable efforts are done in your name and could not be accomplished without your unyielding support.

We teamed up with Make-A-Wish® to grant the wish of a brave 11-year-old girl named Jennifer, who suffers from a rare, life-threatening form of bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma.

Jennifer's one heartfelt wish was to take her family to her favorite Florida theme park for her Spring Break. In your honor, and because of your support of our company, Team BioTrust was able to make this heartfelt wish a reality.

My wife Amie and I had the opportunity to attend and meet Jennifer and her wonderful family. We want to share some details of our visit and about this amazing little girl because you played a major role in granting her wish.

As a Wish Kid, Jennifer could literally "pick" anything that she wanted. However, she chose the trip because she wanted to share this "gift" with her entire family. Her "wish" was to give back to her family because they have given her so much love and support. This thoughtfulness and superfluity of love does not even begin to paint the picture of this amazing little girl.

WishKid Jennifer

Jennifer's father Javier — a remarkable and humble man — spent a couple hours with us sharing stories about his inspiring daughter. He recounted several stories when Jennifer was in the hospital and how she helped other children with cancer and parents whose children were sick.

After visiting with a mother whose baby was in ICU, Jennifer wrote her a letter to affirm that her child would be okay and gave the woman her phone number so she could call at any time. The mother called Jennifer one evening at home scared and crying, as her infant was desperately ill. Jennifer offered her a calming sense of love and support and reassured her that everything would be okay.

A 13-year old boy, who was in the hospital at the same time as Jennifer, was very depressed and scared about his battle with cancer. He wouldn't participate in activities with the other children, and Jennifer noticed this. She came to his bedside and said, "I'm a girl, and I don't have my hair. I'm not scared, and you shouldn't be either. It's going to be okay. We're all here for each other."

Jennifer even made her parents make her two promises when she first learned of her diagnosis. First, she made them promise that they would be the same family as they were before. They wouldn't treat her any differently, and they would love her twin sister, Jessica, and older brother, Javier III, exactly the same — no special treatment for her. Secondly, she made them promise they would be strong and wouldn't cry. As long as they remained brave, so would she.

Wishkid Jennifer and family

It is incredibly difficult to put into words Jennifer's unselfishness and love. She is truly a precious angel, and everyone's life that she touches will be for the better. She has a gift from God, and she wants to share it with everyone. She is 11 years old, yet she has the heart and uncanny intuition of a saint.

To be completely honest, we are the real winners in sponsoring Jennifer. We are better people for knowing her and her story. Just seeing her genuine and loving smile is enough to wipe away every last worry and solidify the belief that the world is indeed a good place.

With Compassion,

Tim Skwiat
Head Nutrition & Exercise Specialist